Canning City Lions Club (Inc.)

District 201W1, Western Australia, Australia.


The Lions Club of Lynwood Districts was chartered on the 18th May 1977 with 27 members.  Two other members – Peter Strickland and Len Robinson – who missed out being Charter Members, were installed shortly after.  They are still active members of Lions and are members of the Lions Club of Canning City.

Lynwood Districts was part of the nine clubs who were transferred from 201W2 to 201W1.  Lynwood Districts has always had a strong representation on District Cabinet and there have been 3 District Governors from the Club.  Peter Dew, Des Hitchcock and Ron Vaughan.

In 1998/1999 a change in the Club name was mooted. The common link was the City of Canning, with a strong connection of the Club within the City.  After much debate, the Club became the Lions Club of Canning City.


In 1997 the Club hosted the Ascot Convention for District Governor Bruce Dwyer.  The venue was the Ascot Racecourse lent itself very well to the racing theme.  The promotion of My Fair Lady’s Ascot scene and the notions of furlongs to go were used to mark off the months to go in the run up to the main event.

Highlights were the ladies Cup Hat Competition, Lions Ross was the Sergeant at Arms and the wonderful fancy dress ball where PDG Des Hitchcock came as a Dormouse, the terrific table centres for the ball were designed and made by the Parry family and the great black and white coin spotted jockey silk shirts worn by the Club committee members. They certainly stood out from the crowd, along with the smart black and white hats.

However, nothing could prepare the conventioneers for the “disappearance” of District Governor Bruce as he fell gracefully backwards off the stage into the potted palms; fortunately he was shaken but not badly stirred.

Major Projects:

St John Ambulance Station, High Road, Riverton

This was the first and major project of the Club.  There were several fund-raising events, notably the Bingo Nights at Wandarrah Hall, Lynwood.  The construction was completed in June 1981 at a cost of $40.000.  The Club paid $30,000 and with a supplementary donation of $10,000 from their sponsoring Club the Lions Club of Bull Creek, the project was paid for.  It was and still remains a much-needed facility for which the Club can be proud of.

Royal Flying Doctor Service Games.

This project was a little known but an extremely productive fund-raiser.  The board game was based on the operations of the RFDS and was manufactured in Western Australia.  Colin Spooner brought a few boxes into his store to assist with the marketing of the game. Colin offered a few games to sell to a young lad who came into his store looking for work.  The lad stacked them on his bicycle and returned within the hour, all boxes sold.  Colin and the then Treasurer, saw an opportunity and negotiated a deal to purchase whole cartons by instalments.  Soon the Club was selling them to Lions Clubs at fetes and door-to-door sales.  This project raised profits which included $1250 which was donated to the RFDS, $1250 to present a Melvin Jones Fellowship to District Governor and Club member Des Hitchcock and paid for our BBQ trailer.  It earned the Club a Sight First “Excellent in Effort” award and fittingly Colin accepted it on behalf of the Club from PDG John Knowles.

Christmas Carols at Wandarrah Hall

This event had become an integral activity of the Club as a service to the community.  The event come to end after 23 years.  The raising costs for security, staging, sound and lighting as well as the manpower needed to put on the event made it difficult to compete with all the competition from Church Groups and the City of Canning.  Our thanks to the choirs, Canning City Band and of course our lead singer Martin Clare.

BBQ Trailer and Cool Room

The BBQ trailer is not a project but is the mother of all projects.  It became the central vehicle of our fund-raising and enabled the Club to make donations to worthy causes.  The trailer can still be found at City of Canning events like New Year’s Day and ANZAC Legacy Blues Concert, Lions Save Sight Half Marathon, Seniors Have a Go Day and the Australia Day Breakfast.

Education and Youth

The Club has given and continues to donate the Dux Award to the Lynwood Senior High School as well as citizenship and other book prizes to the local primary schools.  The Mike D’Cruz Scholarship, is awarded to a Lynwood Senior High School year 11 student, who, without assistance, may not be able to continue their studies in year 12.  This scholarship continues to this day.

Army and Airforce Cadets

The Club has supported the Army and Airforce Cadets and the Army Unit presented a Guard of Honour to Governor, Major General Michael Jeffery at the Club’s Ascot Convention and also did the Flag Ceremony.


In 1994 a science teacher at Rostrata Primary school received a grant to build a shade house to raise seedlings and to plant them in areas affected by salinity.  The Club provided manpower and together with teachers, parents and students the shade was erected.

Cash for Cans became a popular project and a wire cage was set up in the Lynwood Shopping Centre.  The project came to an end when the price per kilo dropped and the cage was stolen.  Maybe the introduction of recycle bins made it easier for household to recycle that way.

National Tree Planting Day saw the Club team up with Planet Ark to plant trees at Kent Street Weir.  Several members joined other volunteers on this day and as an incentive a free sausage sizzle was given to volunteers.

Newspaper recycling has helped the Club supplement its Administration Account by recycling newspapers from members.  The “shed” has had many homes and is still used for this project.