Canning City Lions Club (Inc.)

District 201W1, Western Australia, Australia.

Lions Club Of Canning City



In 1990 redistricting was the process of transferring nine (9) clubs from District 201W2 to District 201W1 to help the latter district with membership problems.  Several Clubs including Lynwood Districts were redistricted and the Riverton club was formed.  It was a sad occasion for some clubs that had a strong association with their district.  It was an occasion to look at the lighter side and some fun. Lynwood Club said, “Let us have a Wake” and they did!  It was a hilarious occasion, well-crafted and organised.  Certainly, “The Wake” was a memorable occasion and ended happily.

Both Lynwood and Riverton Clubs developed a good relationship and joined in several projects.  When the Riverton Club experienced membership difficulties they became a satellite club attending social functions and meetings with Lynwood. Eventually the Lions Club of Riverton closed and some members transferred to the Lynwood Club.  They were great acquisitions as they made major contributions to all club activities and to administration. 

In 1998/1999 a change in the club name was mooted.  The common link was the City of Canning, with strong connection of the club within the city.  After much debate the club became the Lions Club of Canning City.



In 2007 we hosted the Diamond Convention for District Governor Sandra Laundy.  It was a Zone Convention with Canning City being assisted by Forrestfield High Wycombe, Lesmurdie and Kalamunda. The venue was the Queens Park Recreation Centre and the Ball was held at the Metro Motel in South Perth.  It was very successful Convention with Christine Walker as the Coordinator.  The highlight was the Ball where all the ladies dressed in their finest and had more “bling” to show off than any Royal function.  This is the only time a Zone has jointly held a convention. Logistically it was fairly difficult to bring together but the Clubs pulled together and proved that Clubs can work with each other.

2011 saw the Club host the Showtime Convention for District Governor Stuart McFadyen.  Former Lion Robyn Brown was the coordinator ably assisted by Ross Fulford.  The start of this convention was the invitation to attend given at the Broome Convention.  Our ladies entered the Convention to the sounds of the Can Can and Lorraine Strickland invited everyone to attend.  The venue for this Convention was the Cannington Showgrounds.  Colin Spooner was the floor manager and managed to hang dozens of flags from the ceiling. No mean feat.  The fancy dress ball was held at the Cannington Bowling Club.  Many of the members had to leave the Showgrounds early to set up a very dazzling venue.  It was a grand affair with everyone having a really great time.




In 200/2001 Perth hosted the MD Convention at Burswood.  It was a well-attended Convention and the weather was fantastic.  Lorraine Strickland was the Convention Secretary, Vince Quarrell was on the Ball Committee and our Club hosted a great night of home hospitality at Colin and Christine Spooner’s home.  We decided to relax and let someone else do the all the work.  It was a great night of fellowship, not only for the time spent with our guests but for the relaxed time we got to spend with one another.  We long remember Joy Sinclair’s ice-cream bar at dessert time, it was like being at Baskin and Robbins ice-cream parlour.


2012 saw a combined 201W1 and 201W2 MD Convention again at Burswood.  Christine Walker was a member of the organising Committee and her role was to organise all the flags that erected down St Georges Terrace and the Causeway.  She was also part of the Remembrance and Flag Ceremonies Committees and read the Lions Clubs purposes during the opening ceremony.  Together with DGE Sue Lowe, she also found time to fill in as Cabinet Secretary for registrations.



Although these were initiated by the Lynwood club they have continued with the Canning City club and can still be found at City of Canning events like New Year’s Day, ANZAC Day morning tea and the Legacy Blues Concert.  Other events include Lions Save Sight Half Marathon, Seniors Have a Go Day and National Tree Planting Day.

Colin Spooner holidaying in Mauritius visited a few Lions Clubs including the Lions Club of Curepipe who invited Colin and Christine to dinner.  After a few glasses of rum the question came “How can I help you?”  The answer was “We need books for kids”.  “There are no public libraries but Community Centres, where families gather for a variety of activities.  A library of books would be a great facility for the children.”

Colin reported to the Club and obtained approval to send books to Curepipe.  There were problems; suitable books to be collected, packed, airfreight (free of course) and safe delivery to the destination.  For months no progress was made.  Then suddenly, things were moving and Air Mauritius came with an offer to ship 20 kilos packages of books on their weekly Friday flight.  The Salvation Army insured a steady supply of books and the project got underway.  In less than a year over 400 kilos of books had been dispatched.  With Air Mauritius introducing another weekly flight and other Mauritius Lions Clubs requesting books, this project was shaping up to expand.  Although this project has now ceased it was a successful international co-operative move.

Our contact with the Lynwood Senior High School continues after the great efforts of the Lynwood Club and we still donate the annual Dux Award.   The Mike D’Cruz Scholarship has been renamed The Lorraine Strickland Memorial Scholarship and is awarded to a year 11 student, who for different reasons, may not be able to continue to year 12.

We continue our involvement with the Bannister Creek Primary School.  This is school is a combination of the Ferndale, Kinlock and Lynwood Primary Schools

We continue our support of the Army and Airforce Cadet Units.  At times this has involved collecting and delivering home, cadets who could not get to their meetings because they were boarders and had no transportation.  Our President attends the annual Passing Out Parade of the Airforce Cadets.

The Club continues to support the National Tree Planting Day by supplying the sausage sizzle and drinks to the volunteers.

We have continued support to the School Kitchen Garden at the Rostrata Primary School, by moving the shadehouse.

Youth in sport is another area where students from our area have been assisted to attend local, national and international events.  One of these was a student named Musu Ngele.  She had migrated from Sierra Leone with her Mother and family.  Her father had sadly been killed in the civil war.  Settling in Parkwood she attended the local school but it was her passion for soccer where she made her mark.  She was voted “Player of the Year” at Lynwood Senior High School.  She excelled and was selected on to the school soccer team to go to Singapore.  Musu asked the club to sponsor her trip.  She also received donations from the City of Canning and local Parliamentarians.  The Singapore trip was a success story, with the school winning all their games and Musu top-scored to earn the name “Musu the Bullet”.

This project started at the Lynwood and Districts Club, through Roger Black and has been continued by Canning City.  Ian Walker has been the main driving force for the past 13 years and has been ably assisted by Ross Fulford and John Tidey.  Christine Walker has also assisted.  The first company to take the paper was not very customer friendly and there were many issues with them.  The paper had to be tied exactly and no glossies.  This increased the workload enormously.  After one very bad delivery experience Ian looked around and found another recycling company.  They take the paper loose or in bundles and with glossies.  Ann Boughen is supplying the paper from her retirement village and we are now delivering over a tonne a month.  The six monthly give away of newspapers from Muzz Buzz also increases the supply. Thanks to Rachael Wydra for finding them for us.  The biggest tonnage we have delivered in one day was 1.76 tonnes

Colin Spooner and Robin Smith were the first coordinators of this project in 2000.  Working with the City of Canning at their New Year’s Day concert and fireworks we provide the Sausage Sizzle and drinks. This is an all of Club effort because at the beginning we had to supply our own marquees and drinks caravan.  This was a very good fundraiser.  Colin decided to give the public more of a choice and introduced hot beef and pork rolls and later on lamb kebabs. They were an instant success.  Our ticket sellers did very well issuing the right coloured tickets for the sausage sizzle or the rolls and our servers were equally as good remembering what colour went with what serve.  Washing up and packing up at the end of the night was a little daunting in the dark. 

There was one time when the breeze (read howling gale) blew off the river and turned all the marquees into missiles.  Brain Mould’s frantic phone call said it all.  “Get down here quick-it’s all blown down.”

Another late night saw us one towing vehicle short.  Ross and Christine decided to tow the BBQ trailer to the shed and return to collect the coolroom.  The traffic was so congested that it took well over an hour to drive to the 5 km to the shed and return.  When they eventually got back they found the crew had managed to pack the Coolroom and trailer and had vacated the area.

This event has run for 16 years and is so popular that the City of Canning have introduced more pop-up food vendors.  So now it is back to the Sausage Sizzle and cool drinks.  Luckily the City of Canning are providing all the marquees and lighting.

The Seniors Recreation Council organises a day at Burswood Park and invites all seniors to come and “Have a Go”.  We have provided the Sausage Sizzle and cool drinks and Christmas Cake sales at this event since it first started.  Christine Walker has been the coordinator of this project since she took over from former Lion Russel Parry.  This day has grown so big that there are dozens of food outlets and with one group selling a sausage sizzle for a gold coin donation it makes all our effort not profitable.  We will be looking at what other food we can sell.  The amount of work to prepare a Sausage Sizzle for 400 people is as much as for 150.

Ian Walker has been the project manager for the

Bunnings bar-be-ques.  Gail McKewen organises the dates from Bunnings. She has to get the best dates she can around other events both club and district.  There is usually one bbq each month.  There are three (3) shifts on duty each event and the rivalry between the crews is all light hearted banter.  We have customers who ask when we will be on roster again just so that they can come down and get the best Sausage Sizzle in town.

For several years now the Club has manned the gates at the Canning Show.  We have called on family and friends to assist us.  This is a huge commitment by the Club as we initially had 5 gates to man.  The number of gates has now reduced to 3 but coverage has to be done for Friday night and all day Saturday.  Shifts of 2 hours each have to be covered and the gate takings have to be counted and reconciled.  In the past this has been done by Peter Strickland but John Tidey stepped in last year and became the “money man” for the week-end.  Lorraine Strickland was the first Coordinator and then Christine Walker.  There have been times when we could have thrown it all in, especially when the Cannington Greyhounds patrons refused to pay for entry.  Former Lion Tom Tozer, Treasurer and “money man” was a wonder to be seen walking around side show alley asking for change when we ran out.  The worst time was had by Peter and Lorraine who stayed until after midnight when they could not balance the takings with the float.  On Saturday morning they were told that the bank had made a mistake with the float and were short by $1000.  There was much relief all round.

In 2014 President Les Hunt asked the Club to participate in a project of giving a Christmas Party for disadvantaged Children.  The Bannister Creek Primary School was contacted and with assistance from the Chaplain we hosted the first Party at the Cannington Bowling Club for about 20 children.  Toys and gifts were donated from Santas Workshop, food was donated from local business and Newman Lions Club helped us out by providing a Bouncy Castle at no cost.  The logistics of freighting this to and from Mt Newman was no small task.  Rev. Kaye Mould arranged all the games and we had a magician and face painter.  It was a huge success and very rewarding for all the Lions who worked on the project.  The party was so successful that we held it again in 2015 and again with children from Bannister Creek School.

In 2016 Joy Sinclair took over the project.  She arranged to have the Party at Queens Park Primary School.  We obtained a grant from the City of Canning and this helped with the Bouncy Castle, food and gifts that we could not get from Santas Workshop.  Joy and Christine Walker spent many hours canvassing the businesses in Carousel for donations.  The number of children attending grew to about 50.  Special thanks must to be given to Lions Beth and Philip Caunt who travelled from Busselton to provide the face painting.  Rachael Wydra always seems to be first in line to have her face painted.  She says it’s to encourage the kids.

This report is not complete without acknowledgment of the close co-operation of the Club with the Council in some of their more important events.

Since the year 2000 the Club has participated in the annual concert and fireworks on New Year’s Day conducted by the Council.

For years we served tea and coffee at the Australia Day and Citizenship ceremony.  When the Council turned this into a breakfast event our Club catered by serving a hot breakfast, toast, tea and coffee.  Lorraine Strickland’s grilled tomatoes and Chappie Lobo’s toast were a treat.  The Council have now decided to use their own caterers for this event.

We have provided the early morning tea and coffee at the ANZAC Day March.  Gail McKewen and Mary Gregory have been coordinating this event for many years.

The Council have now introduced the ANZAC Day Legacy Blues Concert.  Held initially at the Kent St Weir it has now been moved to the Memorial and Amphitheatre outside the Council Offices.  The first year coordinated by Luke Neal, was a huge success, the second year was cancelled due to rain and this year the crowds were down and as it is a mid-afternoon event very few people wanted food.  We were also competing against 10 other food vans.

We greatly value our close co-operation with the City of Canning and its staff.